A case of mistaken identity threw two attorneys, George Frederick Street and George Ludlow Wetmore, into fits of rage. With their reputations on the line, the challenge to settle the dispute in a duel was made by Wetmore himself. The two would meet at Maryland Hill and leave a dark stain on the history of New Brunswick.

​This year marks the 200th anniversary of the historic event and the album provides a dark and evocative soundtrack for the incredible story. It features a small ensemble of instruments including guitar, guitalele, solo strings, piano, percussion and electroacoustic elements.


released January 21, 2021


Violin- Ali Johnson
Viola- Mark Kleyn
Cello & Vocals- Emily Kennedy
Guitar, Bass, Piano, Synth, Guitalele- Zachary Greer

Music composed and Arranged by Zachary Greer
Strings recorded by Brad Perry & Evan Hansen at The Recordery
Mixed and Mastered by Zachary Greer


This album was made possible through the support of Music NB, The Government of New Brunswick and The Canada Council for the Arts' "Digital Originals" program.