"The Duel interprets the characters, the act and the fallout of this event with compositions that speak to both the time period and enormous emotional weight both Wetmore and Street must have been dealing with in order to commit to such an act."


-Matt Carter, Grid City Magazine, Scoring History with Zachary Greer.



"Zachary Greer has certainly earned his place among Canadian film composers. Over the past few years Greer has shared a number of compositions through his Bandcamp page, each a masterclass in mood, texture and emotion."


-Matt Carter, Grid City Magazine, Midweek Music Mix.


"Award winning New Brunswick composer Zachary Greer talks about composition, inspiration and how he got started writing music for film and theatre."

-Making Sounds on the Big Screen



"One of the main things I’ve always appreciated about film music, or instrumental music, is that it’s unbiased and can connect to anyone’s story."


-Zachary Greer


"Zachary has an incredibly nuanced feel for the needs of both the lyrics in the script and the tones of the moment.”


-Robin C. Whittaker, Theatre St. Thomas Artistic Director